Roller Coasters and Mag Lev Trains


Develop ideas with others who share the excitement in discovering and creating new things.  We will start by exploring ways similar to what NASA is doing with new technology.  We'll look at spin-offs and designs that allow robots to pick up objects here on Earth as well as when exploring space.  We'll make Robo-Wheels and come up with designs to apply in situations such as human services or sports/games.  Everything is safe and easy to use with mind-blowing possibilities!

Many improvements in our lives have evolved through implementing biotechnological breakthroughs:  medicines, alternative fuels, and safer drinking water.  Lots of hands-on activities gets kids involved with the science behind this exciting field.


Building rockets, parachutes, airplanes and catapults creates a foundation for all the forces at work with flight.  Blasting them off and charting our progress is even more exciting!

Camp Ooey Gooey

Polymers, colloids, and natural biotic creatures will amaze you as we cover concepts in chemistry, physics, biology and ecology.    This is sure to please!

A Matter of Chemistry

Chemistry is all about relationships.  Some elements play nicely together while other pairings create explosive results.  Experiment with chemistry in a fun and safe way while learning about the elements and states of matter, acids and bases, and much more! 

Lift-Off Engineering


Find the fun behind the science when exploring a favorite ride - the roller coaster!  It only gets better when we get "magnetized" with Magnetic Levitation


Wicked         Science
Where you are the Scientist and the Engineer.