*  Lesson plans developed by education    

    specialists for enriched STEM experiences.

•Asking questions and defining problems

•Developing and using models

•Planning and carrying out investigations

•Analyzing and interpreting data

Wicked         Science
Where you are the Scientist and the Engineer.

  Wicked Science is an innovative program where kids thrive at the many activities that spark an interest and nurture curiosity to improve higher cognitive thinking and problem-solving.  Students learn about asking good questions then find the answers which keeps them coming back for more! 


Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Wicked Science nurtures inquiry to build a foundation towards comprehending difficult concepts.  Many teachers and professionals  say that this kind of learning needs to take place at an early age so students reach high school with an interest in these fields.  Wicked Science is that stepping stone.   Drawing upon the 4 domains of the Next Generation Science Standards: Physical Science; Life Science; Earth and Space Science; and Engineering, Technology, and Application of Science ideas and cross-cutting concepts.  Of importance are the eight practices:


Hands-on activities for CONCEPTUAL LEARNING

Wicked Science is a stepping stone for complex learning in our sophisticated 21st Century  

•Using mathematics and computational thinking

•Constructing explanations and designing solutions

•Engaging in argument from evidence

•Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

*  The "High Adventure" of discovery drives the  learning and doing with these activities based on NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards.